Yays and Nays

Nov 162008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to football and volleyball seniors for a good run at CSU. It’s been fun.

Nay | to no snowfall in Fort Collins yet. It’s mid-November in Colorado! What you think about that, Bill Gray?

Yay | to Interim CSU President Tony Frank. His straight talk with the university community since taking office is just what the doctor ordered. And his goatee is pretty cool, too.

Nay | to professors piling on the assignments before Fall Break. It’s really getting in the way of our pre-break drinking.

Yay | to Fall Break. It’s so close we can taste the turducken! Gobble, quack, bock! Yum.

Nay | To the fires in Southern California. Seriously, nature, you need to branch out. There’s an entire country to pick on — give SoCal a break.

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