Nov 102008
Authors: Tyler Okland

Students and Fort Collins residents could see limited parking from now until December as the City of Fort Collins implements a month-long street sweeping campaign surrounding campus and areas nearby.

From now until Dec. 1, the Streets Department’s newest program, Operation Clean Sweep, will employ heavy machinery to remove all leaves and foliage from Fort Collins roads.

“Parking will be kind of limited in the residential areas around campus, especially in the Old Town part of campus, because there are a lot of trees around. We will just be encouraging people to not park on the street there,” said Sweeping Coordinator Stan Welsch.

According to Welsch, clogging may result in flooding, as well as damage to streets. The Street Department is asking CSU students who park in residential areas to relocate their vehicles during the posted sweeping workdays.

Options include parking on the opposite side of the street, as well as on a nearby block.

Residents who park on streets scheduled to be swept will delay the process and risk damage to their vehicles by the sweeping machines.

Parking restrictions will be limited to 24 hours on one side of the street at a time to reduce inconveniences, Welsch said.

The side of the street with even addresses will be swept on even days, and streets with odd addresses will be swept on odd days.

Though it is within the city’s right to tow and impound vehicles that are not removed from streets during sweeping, Welsch said that he does not plan to apply such power.

“We’ll relocate, we won’t tow and impound. Well take it and move it to the other side of the street, and then the next day we’ll move it back,” he said.

“But that’s time consuming, so the more participation, the better.”

The Street Department has also asked residents to not blow or rake their leaves into the street, which is illegal according to city ordinance, as a means to dispose of yard-waste into a public right-of-way.

“Mostly it’s just a matter of the capacity for us; the sweepers don’t have very big hoppers, and if everyone blew their leaves out into the street, we wouldn’t be able to get all our work done,” Welsch said.

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