Nov 092008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Marilyn Musgrave is a sore loser.

The Denver Post reported Sunday that the Republican incumbent for Colorado’s 4th Congressional seat had still not conceded the race nor delivered a congratulatory phone call to her opponent, Betsy Markey.

To do so is standard practice as soon as results are solidified. After calling to congratulate President-elect Barack Obama, John McCain delivered a humble and concise message to his supporters and the nation that confirmed his concession. He also assured his audience that he would work with Obama to push this nation forward in a positive direction and urged them to join in those efforts. McCain earned a lot of respect with his words that night.

Here in Colorado the numbers showed nearly 39,000 more votes in favor of Democrat Markey. In terms of percentages it was a 56 to 44 landslide victory for Markey.

The fight was one filled with bitter words and harsh attack ads. Musgrave ads depicted Markey as a potential criminal saying she could “spend five years in prison” and also had an actress depict Markey hooked to a lie detector. The Democrats’ ads called Musgrave a liar.

After an intensely negative race, the candidates and the voters who endured their numerous mudslinging tactics deserve a civil ending.

Grow up and swallow your pride Musgrave. Take a page out of your fellow Republican McCain’s book and congratulate the winner as chosen by the people.

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