Nov 092008
Authors: Elyse Jarvis

Following university review, John Lincoln, former CSU executive vice-president and CSU President Larry Penley’s number two, relinquished a recently awarded consulting contract and permanently terminated his relationship with the university Friday, a CSU spokesperson confirmed.

“(Lincoln) voluntarily terminated his contract, with no payments having been processed,” said Brad Bohlander, head CSU spokesperson.

Bohlander said he received word Friday night from the CSU General Counsel that Lincoln had abandoned his contract, just two days after Penley announced his own resignation. Bohlander said he had no details regarding Lincoln’s reasons for doing so.

“President Penley brought John Lincoln on board, and perhaps (Lincoln) felt he should go, too,” CSU spokesperson Michele McKinney said. “You can only speculate.”

McKinney confirmed that the BOG had wanted to remove Lincoln from his post as CSU executive vice-president prior to Penley’s announcement that Lincoln would transition into “semi-retirement” last month.

However, instead of leaving the university, Lincoln was offered work within the Public Affairs department on contractual basis and was set to be paid $10,000 per month to do so. Lincoln would have received almost $70,000 in salary and benefits up front, according to his separation agreement.

The board sent Lincoln’s contract to be reviewed by a CSU attorney the day before his resignation.

Penley brought Lincoln to CSU in 2004 following their simultaneous tenures at Arizona State University. Rising quickly in the CSU hierarchy since then, Lincoln provided direct oversight of all executive operations prior to his retirement.

“I assume this (resignation) is happening because Penley’s left the house,” Student Government President Taylor Smoot said. “They’re very much a team.”

Penley did not return phone calls as of press time. Lincoln could not be reached and deferred comments to Bohlander.

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