Nov 052008
Authors: Matt L. Stephens

CSU quarterback Billy Farris said this week that the Rams are putting the three point loss to Brigham Young behind them and focusing on Air Force this Saturday. On Wednesday, CSU appeared to be doing just that, focusing on stopping the Falcons run attack.

“It’s difficult to get ready for Air Force in a normal week,” said CSU head coach Steve Fairchild. “We did a little work in spring football and we did a little work in August camp, but in order to get prepared like you would like to, you wish you would have another day or so.”

Despite the limited time to prepare for the option schemed offense of Air Force, Fairchild says he likes how is team is looking.

“Having said that, I love the past two days we’ve had out here (on the practice field). Hopefully we’ll put together a real good practice on Thursday and play well on Saturday.”

CSU has done a good job against the run this season, holding opponents to 175 yards per game, but that statistic will be heavily tested this week this week as Air Force averages 275 yards per game on the ground. CSU junior corner back Nick Oppenneer said a lot of the preparation for Air Force is getting in the correct mindset.

“Last week was tough, that quarterback was great, those receivers were great, but to step into a game like this where they run the ball, it’s a completely different mindset,” said the Littleton native. “The coaches are getting us ready to have a tough, physical game.”

One of the toughest parts of defending the Falcon offense is the fact that they have so many athletes who can run the ball effectively, with seven players having more than 225 yards rushing a piece.

CSU defensive coordinator Larry Kerr said that the Rams cannot focus on one single player and have to get ready for everyone.

“There’s no one we can single out with their option since every play three different guys could have the ball,” said Kerr. “Their fullback is a pounder in side, but all of them can hurt you . we have to make sure we’re ready for everyone.”

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