Nov 042008
Authors: Erik Myers

They were an hour late and showed up a mere two hours before the polls closed. In the 20 minutes they spoke, Beastie Boys rappers Adam Horovitz and Adam Yauch made it quite clear why they had stopped by the Lory Student Center plaza on Election Day.

“If you know anybody that is undecided, or their friends, or your auntie, or your Nana, please call them wherever they may be and get them out to vote,” Horovitz said. “This is a state where this does matter.”

The two musicians, who rode into the plaza on a bus dotted with logos in support of now President-elect Barack Obama, handed out campaign materials and signed autographs after imploring the crowd to reach out to undecided voters and those who had yet to stop into the polls. CSU was their second stop Tuesday, the first being at CU-Boulder for a similar outreach appearance.

“You could tell they’ve been doing this all day and the past couple of weeks, but it’s really awesome that (Beastie Boys) showed up anyways,” said Josh Rivera, a senior history major and Students for Obama volunteer.

The Beastie Boys refrained from any freestyling, despite hopeful requests from the crowd.

“I was a little disappointed that they didn’t play any music; I don’t think I’m the only one here who was thinking that,” said Brantley Eaton, a junior nutrition major. “I figured if I threw out a rap or something I’d get them going, but it didn’t work.”

News that the New York-based musicians would be appearing on campus came at the last moment for Students for Obama, most of whom had spent the entire day urging last- minute voters to vote for Obama in the plaza.

Collin Czarnecki, Team Leader with the group, said they were used to finding out about celebrities coming to campus at the last minute.

“We always find out last minute, especially when Eva Longoria came,” Czarnecki said. “Celebrities always draw attention, and I think its great that they’re drawing attention for this movement that a lot of people are a part of.”

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