Nov 032008

You wanna know how to get laid in November? SHAVE!

What will the Collegian do for funding after the election? Most of their ads will disappear!

I thoroughly approve of the Collegian’s stance of using student comics. However, I do not approve of these students not being funny …

Does daylight savings time affect the time I should take my birth control?

Did anyone notice that, according to the front page of the Collegian yesterday, John McCain’s Ohio speech happened in Missouri?

To the grammatically incorrect Engineering student: Your Greek dues would be significantly lower than what you pay to live in the Academic Village.

Oh hot DAMN, CAM is our RAM.

To the webmaster of the Collegian: I enjoy hunting around different sections everyday to find RamTalk online, thanks for adding an extra cup of “fun” to my daily ritual.

Preaching politics in RamTalk is like trying to make a convincing argument in one sentence to a roomful of drunk kindergartners.

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