Nov 032008
Authors: Trevor Simonton

After over six months of campaigning and millions of dollars in spending, Democrat Betsy Markey was elected Tuesday night to the Fourth Congressional District Seat in Colorado.

The seat has been held by the Republican Party since 1973, and was finally turned over to the Democrats after former incumbent Marilyn Musgrave failed to win enough votes for re-election.

“I’m not nervous, just excited,” she said.

From outside her hotel room, accompanied by her husband and seven kids, Markey’s first phone call was to her Mother-in-Law, who wished her well in her newly received position of Congresswoman.

In the end, each campaign had spent about $2 million a piece on their respective campaigns, and complaints about the inaccuracies and veracity of the smear ads were filed by campaign leaders in the legal system.

Regardless of the negativity of the ads that marked this campaign, Markey had nothing rude to say to her opponent.

“You know, I just want to thank her for her service. I’m just really excited for the opportunity to serve the people,” she said.

When asked what her first move as the first democratic District 4 Congresswoman in three decades, Markey said she plans to learn from the experience of the more seasoned Congress.

“First I just want to reach out and help the people who supported me. And I want to learn from both the Democrats and the Republicans, and ask them for their advice as I make the move to Washington,” she said.

The historic Democratic victory in the 4th Congressional District comes with another historic Democratic victory, the Presidential Election of Barack Obama.

Markey said that she believes that with large numbers of Democratic victories, change is possible.

“We can really get this country moving in the direction it needs to be,” she said. “It’s very good.”

“Barack Obama wants to heal the country, and to unify the country, and he’ll do that,” she said.

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