Nov 032008
Authors: Trevor Simonton

Cheers echo throughout the Centennial Ballroom of the Marriot Hotel on Horsetooth as anticipation and anxiety begin to grow around and who will be elected president who will be elected to the Fourth Congressional Seat in Congress.

Democratic hopeful Betsy Markey has arrived, but has not yet joined the hundreds of Democrats gathered in the ballroom.

Markey is battling Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave for the intensely competitive 4th District Seat in Congress.

Current counts show Markey leading 61-39.

State Rep. hopeful Randy Fischer, D-Fort Collins, arrived earlier and has been meandering about the room talking to voters.

“I haven’t heard too many polls, but I think we’re about where we expected,” he said. “We want to be sure thought before we can relax.”

He said that after a long campaign, that he hopes all the work will pay off.

“We’ve been going since May, and invested a lot into this.”

The line of supporters at the merchandise table pales in comparison to the 10-yard line at the bar.

People are letting loose and having a good time, as many line up to get on stage with the life-size Barack Obama cut-out behind the podeum.

Shawnee McPhail, a CSU senior studying English, said this is the first political convention she’s been to.

“I heard there were going to be a bunch of candidates coming down, so I figured that this is the place to be,” she said.

Accompanying her is another senior English major at CSU, her friend, Katie Coris.

“It’s really exciting to be around all of these people who think the same way I do. I don’t have to argue with any Republicans,” she said.

Both students are 22 years old, and voted in the Presidential Election 4 years ago.

McPhail said she was then a Republican, but said she “woke up,” and changed her ways.

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