Nov 032008

Amendment 46 remains the only amendment too close to call.

Amendment 47: Prohibition on Certain Conditions of Employment

Called no, with 55.7% of the total vote

Amendment 48: Definition of Person

Called no, with 73.1% of the vote

Amendment 49: Limitation on Public Payroll Deductions

Called no, with 60.4% of the vote

Amendment 50: Limited Gaming

Called yes, with 58.7% of the vote

Amendment 51: State Sales Tax for Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilites

Called no, with 62.8% of the vote

Amendment 52: Severance Tax – Transportation

Called no, with 64.0% of the vote

Amendment 54: Restrictions on Campaign Contributions from Government Sole-Source Contractors

Called yes, with 51.4% of the vote

Amendment 58: Severance Tax

Called no, with 58.3% of the vote

Amendment 59: Education Funding

Called no, with 55.2% of the vote

Referendum L: Age Qualification for Serving in General Assembly

Called no, with 54.1% of the vote

Referendum M: Elimination of Obsolete Constitutional Provisions Regarding Land Value Increase

Called yes, with 62.6% of the vote

Referendum N: Elimination of Obsolete Constitutional Provisions Regarding Intoxicating Liquor

Called yes, with 69.1% of the vote

Referendum O: Initiative Petition Requirements

Called no, with 52.3% of the vote

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