Oct 272008
Authors: Tyler Okland

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter will speak today in support of the controversial Amendment 58 on the Lory Student Center Plaza at 4:30 p.m.

The amendment will hike severance taxes, or taxes on resources removed from the earth such as oil and natural gas, by $321 million a year. If the amendment passes, Ritter would allocate these funds across several projects, 60 percent of which will support college scholarships for more than half of Colorado’s in-state students.

Other fund allocations include 15 percent to wildlife habitat projects, 10 percent to both clean energy and transportation projects in impacted areas and five percent to small drinking and wastewater projects.

As a result of his support of the initiative, Ritter’s popularity with the voters has taken a significant hit. Some voters simply disapprove of how the money will be spent.

“I’m just frustrated because I feel like wildlife protection and renewable energy subsidization are areas in which Colorado is already strong,” said freshman music education major Brian Provencher. “I would rather see that money go to something Colorado needs, like transportation.”

President of the Associated Students of CSU Taylor Smoot and Chief of Staff Blake Gibson will speak at the Plaza along with Ritter to educate CSU voters on initiatives, such as Amendment 58, which will be featured on the upcoming ballot.

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