Oct 262008
Authors: Brian Anthony

Transfort rerouted its bus system to quell road and parking congestion, as spectators swarmed CSU’s Oval Sunday for Sen. Barack Obama’s first rally in northern Colorado.

Oval Drive closed at 5 a.m. on Saturday, and all buildings around the Oval were closed at 8pm on Saturday also.

All the roads, in and around, the Oval were closed.

And at around noon, people couldn’t cross College Avenue on Laurel Street.

The Fort Collins Police Services closed Mulberry Street in various places as Obama’s vehicle traveled along it between Interstate 25 and College Avenue.

“The Secret Service and police wanted everyone as far away as possible,” said Judith Lavelle, the marketing director for Transfort.

The standard bus rates were applied for the trip.

The number of spectators also caused congestion on roads around campus.

The line of people waiting for the event stretched around Moby and onto Shields.

“The lines were ridiculously long,” said Jamie Ic, an Obama supporter from Seattle, Wash. “It was a long line, and the tall people should be in the back. I can’t see anything.”

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