Oct 252008
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A miles-long line started forming at 4:15 a.m. according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan and is now snaking through campus for miles.

Students eager to see Obama were in high spirits.

“We’re pretty stoked,” said Carrie Zwisler, a freshman business administration major. “I’m just glad it’s not cold and windy.”

It extends from the Oval to the library and continues west to the intramural fields where it takes a turn north on Meridian Avenue. It then extends to Laurel Street and hugs the north edge of campus until it makes the southern turn on Shields Street. The human chain continues south until it reaches Pitkin Street at which point it turns east and extends past the Academic Village.

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The line is so long that people have been seen attempting to sneak in alternative entrances, like the press entrance.

The presence of police and secret service agents is accompanying the large crowd waiting to see presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Volunteers at the campaign are saying that they don’t think they can fit everybody into the Oval, which is already half-full.

“I just want to hear him at least,” said Rachel Mamquist, a Fort Collins resident.

Mamquist has been in line since noon, and has only made it as far as Plum street, as whispers start to move down the line that not everyone will be able to see Obama.

Obama campaign staff are telling supporters that they will try their best to accommodate everyone as many people that they can.

Campaign staff said they were expecting 20,000 people, and it seems that estimate has been surpassed. Exactly how many are there is not known.

The stage where the Democratic candidate will deliver his speech, expected to start at 3:30 p.m., and is set up on the north side of the Oval.

Check back throughout the day for more updates, video and photos as well as Obama’s full speech text.

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