Oct 232008
Authors: Transcribed Adam Bohlmeyer

This week, guest star Mike Donovan joins the Ramblers to help run down the CSU-SDSU game.

NS: Do you guys think that this San Diego State game, first is this a winnable game, and if CSU doesn’t win this, are we done for the year?

MD: Well I think this game is much more important than the Utah or TCU games. I think CSU has to win if they want any chance of bowl eligibility. That’s the thing Gartrell always talks about in all the clippings and whenever he gets interviewed. The goal is to make a bowl.

They went to the Poinsettia Bowl in ’05, but no one who currently plays on this team; maybe Kyle Bell, but he doesn’t play anymore; hardly anyone who plays on this team was an active member of that 2005 team. So that is their goal, to get to a bowl. If they don’t beat San Diego State, they aren’t going to make a bowl.

It is that simple, ’cause they aren’t going to get six wins and they really need seven to guarantee themselves even though six will make them eligible. You asked if this is a winnable game. It better be. They better beat San Diego State.

NS: We talked about how CSU should be able to run over UNLV, and they put up some good running yards. Here’s the rushing defense of San Diego State: they gave up 419 rushing yards to New Mexico, only 146 passing. That’s ridiculous.

MD: CSU has not had a good running game the past two games, but to be fair they were also playing the best two rushing defenses in the conference, two of the better defenses in the nation. I really think this is the week they are going to get back on track. They need a win and there is no better team to play than San Diego State. New Mexico had only scored more points than that once ever and that was to the University of Mexico, I’m not kidding you. The University of Mexico is the only time New Mexico had scored more points.

CG: It is going to be a big game. It is an important game for the Rams to win. I really think they will despite the fact that, well it’s mind boggling why CSU hasn’t beaten San Diego State the past few years. This team has not been competitive in football the past few years, this year even more so. They are 1-6 and their only win came against Idaho who is awful.

MD: They lost to Cal Poly who is a DI-AA FCS team.

CG: They get blown up by New Mexico. CSU really has to focus on this game because everybody is expecting them to win and if they don’t it is going to be a huge disappointment. Despite the fact that it’s in San Diego State that doesn’t really matter, this team is awful and CSU needs to beat them like you said Mike, to get recognized for bowls.

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