Oct 222008
Authors: Matt L. Stephens

In his weekly press conference on Monday, head football coach Steve Fairchild made it clear that in order for the Rams to have a successful offense, they need to be able to effectively pass the ball.

The Rams have now completed half of their week of preparation for San Diego State, and despite having to start a few practice periods over on Wednesday, Fairchild said he thinks the offense has started to respond.

“We got a lot of good work done today, started out a little lackluster and had to start a few periods over, but I thought we had a pretty good practice,” Fairchild said.

“We gotta improve on every area, not just offense, but we’re consistent on the way we’re coaching, and I like the way our team wants to be good.”

One of the key elements to not just the Rams, but any offense, is the play of the quarterback. During the past two games, CSU’s starter Billy Farris has completed only 55 percent of his passes, including some key dropped passes against Texas Christian as well as some clear overthrows against Utah. Farris said he believes that in order to get clicking on all cylinders, it comes down to communication and rhythm.

“We’re just going to talk a little more, quarterback to receivers, and see what we can do to get on the same page,” said the fifth-year senior. “We’re practicing how we need to practice, that way when we get in a game we’re clicking . It’s just details, that’s what it’s all about. I’m taking a certain drop, he’s going a certain depth and it has to time up. That means going full speed every time in practice to get it right in the game.”

The Rams have one more day of practice, scheduled for this afternoon, before they head out to San Diego on Friday.

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