Oct 212008
Authors: Alison Kent

One out of every five college seniors have considered suicide, according to the Suicide Resource Center of Larimer County – which is just one of a slew of statistics that sophomores Jordan Liebing and Stephanie Short use to raise awareness on the issue of suicide.

Liebing and Short, who are required to volunteer 15 hours as a class project for a social studies course, partnered with the Fort Collins Suicide Center for Prevention and Outreach to raise awareness about suicide and mental illness, culminating with an event held on the Lory Student Center Plaza today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We want to reduce the stigma on mental health issues and suicide,” said Liebing. “Nearly half of all college students reported feeling so depressed that they couldn’t function during the last school year.”

Students involved in the suicide prevention organization will help provide information and brochures about suicide on the Plaza.

“The goal of the event is to raise awareness and make suicide and mental disorders easier to talk about,” said Short.

Along with informational brochures and prevention measures there will also be games, t-shirt give-aways, and music provided by KCSU on Wednesday.

The event is supported by the Live Campaign, a grassroots organization that promotes open discussion about suicide by creating blogs and newsletters, and is in partnership with the “Half of Us” program sponsored by MTV.

For more information, visit Outreach and Preventive Programs located in the University Counseling Center to pick up a brochure or talk to a representative.

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