Yays and Nays

Oct 192008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to nice weather. Overcast skies and drizzle are fun, but nothing beats prime ultimate Frisbee weather.

Nay | to CSU football’s defeat by Utah over the weekend. We love you Rammies, but sometimes you make it hard.

Yay | to CSU volleyball player Ashley Fornstrom for breaking the Mountain West Conference record for assists. For your next project, you should assist head football coach Steve Fairchild’s attempts to teach the football team how to win.

Nay | to Sarah Palin for her horrible portrayal of herself on Saturday Night Live. Seriously, McCain should consider swapping her out for Tina Fey — at least Fey doesn’t have any pending ethics investigations.

Yay | to the grand opening of the University Center for the Arts. Finally, after years of construction, CSU has a central hub to get students a taste of culture.

Nay | to the fake ribbon cutting ceremony for the UCA. We get it, you’re creative. However, we don’t condone dancing with scissors — you could put somebody’s eye out.

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