Oct 192008

I am glad that my CSU loan money is paying for my “GREEN” at least twice a week!

To the two guys straddling each other in the front seat of a Ford last night … I didn’t know that was one of the 101 things to do before you graduate.

To my roommate who always looks at porn with the door open, please close the


The Collegian could save a lot of money if it only printed the things that matter … Sports Monday and RamTalk.

It’s awesome; my friends treat me like I’m famous when my RamTalks get posted.

To those living near Sullivan’s, for some reason our TV can see what OnDemand movies you guys are watching. So when you keep rewinding the same “Girls Next Door” scene over and over and then watch some Skinemax, we know what you are up to. And for the rest of you, be considerate and let “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” play completely through for once.

Have you ever noticed that the engineering building is the closest to the RamSkeller? Coincidence? I think not!

Did you know Hellen Keller had a treehouse?! Neither did she!

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