Oct 192008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

This year, voters will have the opportunity to vote to allow 21-year-olds into office in future years.

Referendum L’s passing on Nov. 4 would lower the age requirement for holding office in the Colorado General Assembly (made up of the Colorado House of Representatives and the Colorado Senate whose term lengths are two years and four years, respectively) from 25 to 21.

In a community of students that will inherit the country as it stands, with its economy in a fluctuating state, its soldiers still dying in the Iraq War and its citizens frustrated with a constant lack in government transparency, we are fully entitled to have the opportunity to be a presiding voice in what should change and how to go about doing so.

And adding to the benefit of having a younger voice in office is the thought expressed best by Rep. John Kefalas, D-Fort Collins: “(Referendum L) has the potential to increase voter turnout if younger generations see their peers running for office,” he said.

While the youth voter turnout is being called especially important this year – as Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., has been especially popular among young voters whose votes may help sway the results in his favor – it’s important to understand that the youth vote will always be vital.

We are the pulse in a country that flounders when we take the passenger seat in regards to the issues. In two years, we could be electing the younger voice that will speak for us and advance positive change.

Make it happen. Vote yes on Referendum L.

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