Oct 162008
Authors: Transcribed Nick Hubel

NS: Utah has the 14th team in the nation and a pretty mobile quarterback in Brian Johnson. I’m going to pose a couple of questions: Do we have a chance to win in Utah? If not, do we have a chance to hold strong? And is there a forecast of more Klay Kubiak in the future? Let’s start with Lance.

LM: I think Kubiak is going to be in the future, whether I thinkthat’s the correct decision or not. I think he’s going to see a little bit of time against Utah because this game is going to be a blowout. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. Utah is a fantastic team. We think TCU is pretty good, and it’s great that the Rams were able to hang with TCU, but they’re not going to hang with Utah at Utah . It’s not going to be pretty.

NS: Connor?

CG: I think it’s going to be tough as well . I don’t think it’s going be quite the blowout that maybe a lot of people, for example, Lance, think it’s going to be . What I do expect to see from CSU is another good week from their defense. They showed me a lot on Saturday against TCU defensively . I don’t think it’s going to be quite the offensive rout, but I don’t think CSU will win.

NS: Johnny Hart?

JH: Any team that can allow 184 yards on the ground and still stomp Wyoming, what does that say for us? . If it was at Hughes, then maybe. But in Utah, I don’t see them having much of a chance.

NS: Hil-diggity.

RH: I’m about to blow your guy’s minds.

NS: Do I need to get the mic ready to mute?

RH: You may want to. Now, Wyoming before their game against Utah had not scored a touchdown in Mountain West conference play. They scored their first touchdown in MWC play against Utah.

LM: And still got destroyed, at HOME.

RH: We all know Wyoming is terrible. We’re better than Wyoming. So you guys have been saying that Utah’s defense is so great. If they’re so great, why did they give up a touchdown to Wyoming?

LM: Utah’s team is so great.

RH: I think we’ll get two touchdowns and maybe a field goal.

LM: And still lose by 40?

RH: We’re not going to lose by 40 . It’ll be closer; it’ll resemble the Utah, Air Force game. It’ll be 30s to 20s, somewhere in there.

CG: Where was the mind-blowing part?

RH: I’m not really sure, I just felt like throwing that out there.

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