Oct 152008

In the last five years, CSU has seen the funding of its administration surpass that of its academic colleges for the first time in its history. It’s seen tuition rise by 52 percent and student fees by 73 percent.

And coincidentally, the last five years have been the ones during which current CSU President Larry Penley has overseen university spending.

Calling for transparency in Penley’s camp, a group of students, three of them prominent on our campus, are investigating budget policies and plan to report their findings to the Joint Budget Committee.

But the question of where our money is going is one that should plague us all.

Ethics and motives aside, it’s safe to assume that the money we, as students, are streaming into this university is money for which someone – be it our parents, we or someone else we hit up for funds – worked hard.

When turning over that money, especially considering the state in which our economy rests, it’s our job to look at where it’s being spent.

We’ll never all agree on the best way to invest our tuition money and student fees. But, as students, each of us should be doing something to ensure that the people and projects this university is funding are ones he or she supports.

Authorizing someone to spend it on buildings or administration that may not affect us is irrational at best — but it’s your choice. But being apathetic toward where our fees are going and how much they may increase is simply inexcusable.

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