Oct 142008
Authors: Matt Stephens

The old saying goes, “the backup quarterback is every fan’s favorite player; until he gets on the field.”

If that’s true, then redshirt freshman Klay Kubiak is a fan favorite, but the times Kubiak has stepped into games this season for the Rams, he hasn’t followed the old adage, he actually produces.

Kubiak, the younger brother of junior safety Klint Kubiak and son to Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak has stepped in to fill the shoes of Billy Farris on two occasions this season, the most recent being last week’s 13-7 loss to TCU. According to quarterbacks coach Daren Wilkinson, they like to put Klay in to try and provide a spark for the offense.

“When you have a backup quarterback and that offense starts to lag a little bit, you want that guy to come in and provide a spark,” the former CSU quarterback said. “Both games that he’s been in (Cal and TCU) he has done that. What it is, is he’s so mentally prepared during the week so he knows what to do in a game and that’s the thing I appreciate.”

Kubiak said that during those games he has been a little nervous, but anxiety isn’t always bad.

“You know what? I have been nervous before I come into a game, but in a good way,” Kubiak said. “More anxious to help the team, rather than being nervous and doubting myself.”

“Having a guy like my dad has been a great help in my preparation. He was a quarterback too, so that helps a lot.”

Seeing the younger Kubiak enter games also has made the older, Klint, nervous while watching from the sidelines.

“I definitely get really nervous when he goes in just because he’s my brother and I want to see him do well,” said the junior safety.

Klint said that more than anything, he’s proud of the way that his little brother has come along and believes that Klay could lead the team if needed.

“I’m so proud of him. He has worked so hard, and I think when he goes in there you can definitely tell how calm and collected he is … I’m so proud of the way he has played, and he has earned a lot of respect from the other guys.”

Klay said that playing on the same team with his brother has been a great experience thus far.

“Man, it’s great. We live together and really have a lot of fun,” said Kubiak. “He really has taught me a lot of things.”

So far this season, Kubiak has completed 18 of his passes for 251 yards, the longest being a 63-yard completion in CSU’s loss to Cal.

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