Yays and Nays

Oct 122008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay to the CSU football team for its performance this weekend. You guys put up an epic fight, and even though you didn’t pull off the win, we salute you.

Nay to the economy. Somebody should tell Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson that it’s time to abort.

Yay to Friday’s Homecoming event. Parades and fire? Could a news staff ask for more?

Nay to midterms. Seriously, professors, you’re interfering with our drinking schedule.

Yay to the Ramskeller’s 40th anniversary. Without the ‘Skeller, students past and present would have had a much harder time going to class drunk.

Nay to the weather. It’s cold, it’s rainy and the sun doesn’t shine anymore. If we wanted this kind of weather, we’d move to Seattle.

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