Concert budget falls short

Oct 072008

On Sunday, 6,200 students got to enjoy the Lupe Fiasco and Three 6 Mafia concert at Moby Arena along with 1,369 ticket purchasers, while every student who didn’t get to ticket stands in time to pick up their student pass missed out.

When Taylor Smoot and Quinn Girrens, president and vice-president of the Associated Students of CSU, pursued performers to put on the concert, they, along with co-sponsors ASAP, budgeted $20,000 less than they actually ended up needing to meet performer demands.

But instead of looking into bringing in less expensive acts to fit the bill or asking only one act to visit campus, the organizations instead drafted a proposal that said they would pull 1,500 tickets, technically already paid for by student funds, to re-sell to the general public in order to close that difference in funding.

We don’t know about you, but when we throw money at something, we expect to get what we paid for.

It makes sense that ASCSU and ASAP had to find some way to pay that extra $20,000, but the point remains that they shouldn’t have recruited an act that required them to scrounge for funds in the first place. Only 20 people — 14 of whom are past and present ASAP and ASCSU members — simply do not make up a survey group large enough to make that kind of expensive call.

If the homecoming concert becomes an annual event as has been proposed, ASAP and ASCSU should make sure that we can afford it before they resort to re-selling student tickets to scrape by.

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