Oct 062008

To the rocket scientist who attempted to correct the Collegian’s math yesterday … $85 million divided between 200 million people is 42.5 cents a person, not $425 a person. I suggest you find one of them magic calculatin’ machines and figure out how to use it.

Does anyone find it ironic that we are in the biggest economic crisis of our lifetime and we haven’t even mentioned it in macroeconomics?

To the girl who left a note about backing into my car, don’e worry you can back into me anytime you want!

Does anyone understand why girls wear scarves with tank tops? If you are that cold why don’t you just put on more clothes?

Nothing like a concert that promotes sex, drugs, and …. CU.

To the guy in my chem 113 class who fell asleep so hard in class on Monday that he didn’t even wake up when class was over. Did you sleep through the next class too?

If those children are invisible, how did they make a movie about them?

To the pessimist who complained how the floor was half empty at the concert — the floor was half FULL.

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