Oct 012008

Yesterday was a day chock-full of powerful decision-making for the CSU System Board of Governors.

In quite possibly the best move they’ve made in years, the board approved domestic partner benefits for married hetero and homosexual university employees.

While the number of employees expected to apply for domestic partner options is small – one to three percent – the significance of their ability to do so is monumental, and it’s about time it passed. This initiative has been before the board in four different years past and failed every time.

But, to cut our happiness short, in the same five minutes it approved the partnership package, our beloved board also approved plans to move ahead with a $73 million construction project.

Now, don’t get us wrong, a new Biology building and a Music building addition sound perfect – except for the fact that if plans to construct them pass, our student facilities fee will likely double to a whopping $20 per credit hour.

So, we’re confused, dear Board: Do we love you or loathe you?

It’s not hard to see how the passing of the package for domestic partnerships will impact GLBT employees in a good way, and we’re ecstatic you came through.

But, Board, on the reverse side, we can’t believe that you’d not even do us the courtesy of asking for our approval on a fee that will significantly impact current students and, most likely, future ones as well.

It’d be easy to be angry with you, BOG, and we hope you’ll do better when the time comes to give the construction plan a final yay or nay.

But, for today at very least, we’re choosing to focus on the fact that our university is taking steps to make sure that every CSU employee is respected in the way they should have always been.

We commend you, Board of Governors. And, may we say, well-played. Way to distract us while you’re simultaneously looking to raise our student fees.

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