Sep 302008

This is a call to presidential candidates Senators Barack Obama and John McCain: Stop ignoring northern Colorado — specifically Fort Collins and CSU.

Obama and McCain have made numerous stops in Colorado since they started campaigning.

Obama stopped at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, he was treated like a rock star at Invesco Field at Mile High during the Democratic National Convention and he even made stops in Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction.

McCain most recently stopped in Colorado Springs, has made many appearances in Aspen to butter up the rich folk and, of course, spent time in Denver.

McCain will “swing through Colorado” this Thursday and Friday, according to a recent Denver Post article. The aged candidate will be in Denver for a “women’s town hall meeting” Thursday. Then, on Friday, he’ll be gracing the college campus of CSU-Pueblo. That’s right, you read correctly, CSU-Pueblo, not CSU-Fort Collins.

Why is the northern part of the Front Range not getting any love from the presidential candidates?

Universities throughout the country will host all the scheduled debates. But CSU is not one of them.

Now, understandably these candidates have to dole their time out wisely and make the most strategic stops, but the plain and simple fact is we don’t like being ignored. If you want our votes, you’ll need to work for it.

Here’s to hoping you pay us a visit soon.

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