Ram Talk

Sep 282008
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

I’ve decided to stop buying toilet paper and just start stealing it from parties. It saves money, and I have a big purse, so it works.

When there is a three hour wait for RamRide, the fault lies with you. Just volunteer and stop yelling at the dispatch … we know where you live.

You know you’re a loser when everyone else is out partying Friday night, you’re at home on RamCT seeing how many other losers are online with you.

Frat guys, still with that football huh? One house, thirty five guys? You can catch … we get it.

To the girl who is sneaking onto the plaza every night and writing “Ask Her” everywhere: Is that really the proposal story you want to tell to the illegitimate child you have on the way?

So did anyone else find out about being able to put your facebook into pirate

language? Arrr matey…

Guys: If a girl tells you “no thanks” when you ask her to dance, for the love of God please don’t ask why.

How is it that the bagel place can afford three plasma screen TVs, but they don’t have the capability to make two pizza bagels at once?

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