Sep 282008
Authors: Brian Anthony

About 50 to 100 CSU students came out Saturday to the Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins for the 18th annual Horsetooth Hang Bouldering Festival and a trash collection event at Rotary Park and the Piano Boulders.

The nonprofit rock climbing festival invites climbers from across Colorado to partake in a variety of climbing and bouldering events.

Sponsored by the NC3 and Neptune Mountaineering, a Boulder alpine outfitting company, the Horsetooth Hang featured a rock climbing competition, $8,000 to $10,000 in prize giveaways and a “Wild West” theme, which encouraged climbers to wear Western and cowboy-inspired clothes.

“I did it just to have a good time and relax on a Saturday,” said sophomore volunteer Robert Murray, who is in his second year of volunteering.

Murray said he enjoyed the Hang’s “real relaxed social atmosphere.”

Started in 1991, the Horsetooth Hang was designed to bring the climbing community together for a fun event. Proceeds from the event go toward Front Range trail maintenance, other rock climbing events and the Access Fund, a national nonprofit that advocates rock climbing access at natural areas.

The prize of an eco-friendly sleeping pad made from organic materials was given to the individual who collected the most glass shards at the trash collection event. Other prizes included climbing, camping and outdoor equipment.

The “most unique trash” award was given for a Curious George replica that becomes a flashlight when the hard, yellow construction helmet is lifted from the toy. Among other trash items were undergarments.

Murray, who volunteered at various sites along the Reservoir, said that his experience “was even better this year” compared to last year.

“Both times it’s been a lot of fun,” Murray said.

Following the Hang, which lasted from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., climbers attended an after-party at Hodi’s Half Note, a concert venue in Old Town.

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