Sep 252008
Authors: The Ramblers Nick Sebesta Lance Moorman Ryan Hilbig, Conor Glass

NS: Colorado State will be visiting Cal this weekend on Saturday. It’s a two-for-one deal — the Rams went down to Cal in 2003 and ended up winning in Cal, and Cal came to Colorado State last year, and even though Colorado State made a late comeback, Cal ended up taking that one. And now we go back to Cal this year. Cal started out the season ranked. They since have dropped out of the rankings with a loss to Maryland, but still, they’ve put up some big numbers against their opponents so far this year.

So Cal brings a high-powered offense. Their defense is not so good this year — well, I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s not as good as years past. But still, you’re playing in Berkeley, you’re playing in Cal, a hard place to play, especially for a team like Colorado State. So, is there hope for the Rams?

RH: Of course there’s a chance . This is college football so there’s always a chance. There’s always a chance that we’ll get lucky and Cal will mess up. Or that they’ll still be down from last week or that they’ll be looking ahead to next week. There’s always that chance that we’ll get a win. It’s looking very unlikely.

The one thing Cal’s known for is speed, and the one thing Colorado State is not known for is speed. That was very apparent against CU.

LM: I think the Rams have a great shot. It’s not the same kind of a game as it was last season, where the Rams kind of came out and surprised Cal with some big plays late in the game, trying to come back and turn that one into a ball game.

But this season, I think that they are a little bit more evenly matched. I think CSU talent-wise is not what they were last year, but this year that passion, that desire is there and that’s really going to be the wild card.

NS: I’m interested to see. I think it could go either way. I could see it being a big win for Cal, but I could also see it being closer than people think. Mainly because this team now has three games under their belt, and I think that Houston game was key. … So I don’t know how to call it either way.

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