Sep 222008

To the former resident who is still bitter about me pouring out their “precious alcohol” last year: I remember you. You were drinking Burnett’s. I didn’t do it because you were in trouble, I did it on principle. I should’ve done the same thing this weekend.

Before you start ranting about the only job you could get was an Abercrombie floor management position. Maybe, just maybe, you should have forgone the B.A. degree and gone for a B.S. Look at the bright side you get a 10 percent discount on an $80 shirt.

To the guest columnist suggesting that students show their gratitude toward ASCSU: money from our pockets is still money from our pockets. Do you grasp that?

Is anyone else broke enough that they’re considering applying for that adult entertainer job that’s advertised in the classifieds everyday?

The one thing that I miss about home the most? F****** left hand turn lanes.

To the girls in the dorm room next us, while I respect your right as an individual to exercise your sexual freedom at college . I do not want to hear it at any given time, like when I am studying bio at 3 in the afternoon, or while I am trying to fall asleep at 11. Please keep it down, the walls are quite thin.

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