Viking Spiderman

Sep 182008
Authors: Johnny Hart

A caped man free-climbed the Morgan Library wall Thursday near noon, dropped a giant green banner from the top that said “Guck the Fuverment” and rappelled down the south side of the building to cheering students and waiting police.

When he got down, the man scurried to a bike that was stashed behind a wall on the Willard O. Eddie Hall side of the library only to be hindered by his cape, which was made from an American flag. He ditched the bike and ran from the police, who caught him within seconds.

The man, with his star-spangled cape and a novelty Viking cap, declined comment as CSU police took him into custody around noon.

Police have yet to release the name of the man, and a male claiming to be the culprit would not reveal his name in an interview with the Collegian after being released from police custody.

The man claiming to have climbed the library wall said in a phone interview that he did not want to reveal his name because he did not want to overshadow his cause.

“It’s not about my name,” the man said. “It’s about making a stand against the f***ing man.”

The man said he was not affiliated with any activist group and had no specific political motivation, claiming the stunt was mostly spontaneous.

“‘Guck the Fuverment’ is an analogy to speak your voice,” the man said. “Hopefully people got inspired to step outside themselves.”

The man would not give any details on whether he had any help, but he did use a rope to rappel and had a bike stashed behind a wall between Eddy Hall and the library.

Collin Czarnecki, a senior journalism major, said he was in his journalism class in Eddy Hall when the girl sitting next to him announced to the class that a man was on top of the library.

“We literally all flocked to the window,” Czarnecki said. “He had to have had it planned out, because he had a bike stashed behind a wall.”

When the man was halfway down the wall, Czarnecki said, a cop came around the corner. The man tried to use the bike he had stashed, but bailed because he was struggling to free his cape from the bike chain and fled on foot.

“He was doing a good job of maneuvering around the officer,” Czarnecki said, but the man was eventually grabbed by the responding police officer from behind by the arm.

Gaelle Burges, a soil and crop department employee, was smoking a cigarette outside the main doors of the library when the scene took place.

She said the man ran through the plaza and scaled the face of the library in less than 20 seconds.

Burges, junior open option major Katie Rivera, and senior construction management major Tom Kirschenheuter all called the man the “Viking Spiderman.”

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