Sep 182008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Holy human fly, Rammies!

At approximately 12 p.m. Thursday, a caped stuntman sprinted across the Plaza, free-climbed to the roof of the Morgan Library, dropped a banner from the roof that read “Guck the Fuvernment” and proceeded to rappel down the side of the building before being apprehended by CSU Police after his escape plan was foiled when his cape became entangled in his bike chain.

These events are clear — what is unclear is why the protest took place.

In a brief interview with the Collegian, a man who claimed to be the protestor said the stunt was about “making a stand against the f***ing Man.”

Unfortunately, though, he refused to go any deeper into what exactly about the Man he was protesting, which is puzzling, because part of the reason we don’t have his name is because he does not want his identity to overshadow his statement.

While we understand the sentiment, we can’t help but notice the inconsistency here.

But, we’re willing to let this one go — if only for the fact that this man’s acrobatics and blatant disregard for his own safety were, for lack of a better word, awesome. Plus he wore a cape.

Now, the Collegian doesn’t necessarily condone this kind of behavior, but we would like to offer one suggestion to future off-the-wall, ridiculous protests — make sure your statement is clear. Otherwise, folks are just going to think you’re a nut.

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