Sep 172008

To Ian Bezek:

Your so-called environmentalists at fault for high gas prices have some very intimidating political muscle.

The current administration is so entangled with corporate control that even our “wars” are sponsored by industries. The Iraq conflict is the most privatized war in the history of the U.S.

If environmentalists were in the front seat, Kyoto would be ratified by the U.S. — instead we’re the only industrialized nation to insist on not being held accountable to its standards.

The upcoming National Renewable Energy Standard can’t escape the interests of major oil companies; in it, a revision to the lift the ban on offshore drilling stands tall and proud.

Recent history has consistently affirmed the interests of industries at the expense of human and environmental health, and it’s certainly not because “environmentalists” allowed it. I think you’re giving those hippies too much credit.

Pretty sure Exxon Mobil, back in August, raked in the best quarterly profit, ever. When it comes to political power, environmentalists aren’t jacked up billion-dollar corporate profits.

It’s essential that when one places blame, that they have a rational and accurate grasp of history and its political players.

Maria Myotte

Senior, political science

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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