Sep 142008
Authors: Madeline Novey

Award winning rap and hip-hop artists, Three 6 Mafia and Lupe Fiasco are scheduled to perform at the Homecoming Kickoff concert, sponsored by the Association for Student Activity Programming, on Oct. 5.

The event is paid for by student fees.

Attendance was confirmed by the artists’ official website schedules Sunday.

The Memphis rap group, Three 6 Mafia, won the 2006 Academy Award “Acheivement in Music” for their song “It’s Hard Out There For a Pimp.” The song was featured on the soundtrack for the film “Hustle & Flow,” starring Terrance Howard.

Eminem, who won the award in 2003 for his song “Lose Yourself” from the “8 Mile” soundtrack, is the only other rap act to win an Academy Award.

The group’s most recent album released in June, “The Last 2 Walk,” features hit songs, “Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body),” “Trap Boom,” “Weed Blow Pills” and “Getya Robbed.”

Also to debut, is 25 year-old, Grammy nominated hip-hop artist, Lupe Fiasco.

Fiasco’s latest album, “The Cool,” is highlighted by his first top-ten single, “Superstar.” The song hit no. 10 on The Billboard’s Hot 100 music list 13 weeks after the album’s release in December 2007.

Other singles include: “Paris, Tokyo” and “Dumb it Down.”

The concert, one of Taylor Smoot and Quinn Girrens’ promises in their presidential campaign last year, was opposed by ASCSU Senate members for the magnitude of its cost, which exceeds $50,000, according to the student government’s budget proposals.

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