Sep 142008
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

A man with a gun was taken into custody at about 1:20 Sunday morning after allegedly shooting another man at a party near the intersection of Grant and Myrtle streets.

Police have a suspect in custody but haven’t released the suspect’s name and have yet to determine the charges. The victim has also not been released.

“There was a party. There was some type of altercation. A man was shot,” said Sgt. Jim Byrne with Fort Collins Police Services early Sunday morning. “We haven’t determined if it was intentional or accidental yet.”

The suspect shot the victim during an argument involving his girlfriend, witnesses said, but police have not confirmed the motive for the shooting to the Collegian.

The CSU police department responded with semi-automatic rifles in less than a minute, searching for the suspect through back yards and at one point aiming the weapons at CSU students at a different party on Myrtle Street, a reporter on scene witnessed.

Rita Davis, Fort Collins Police Services’ public information officer, did not return calls made by the Collegian Sunday.

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