Ram Talk

Sep 112008

How many weeks does it take to get someone to fix the leaky faucet in the boy’s room in the Natural Resource building? Isn’t water a natural resource?

To the person who made off with my finance book on the bus last week: thanks. You’ve managed to make a poor and dumb college student even poorer and dumber. Congrats.

To the students on the parking squad: you may be sell-outs, but I’m a high bidder. Who’s willing to negotiate a price on one of the MANY unused A-lot spaces?

To the girls who were walking in the bike lane on Elizabeth St.: you will soon experience the meaning of natural selection.

To the person who called the “Mean Girls” mom trashy: how dare you! You are such a sleaze, and Mrs. George is so fetch.

It’s odd that CSU removes parking lots, wants everybody to be green, and yet doesn’t add any bicycle racks. What a forward-thinking university! At the very least plant a couple hundred more small trees that we can lock our bikes to.

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