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Authors: Lucia Papureanu


To all the new faces on campus and those returning for another academic year, we are the Associated Students of Colorado State University, your student government!

ASCSU is committed to actively advocating on behalf of the student body on campus, local and state levels, while preserving the traditions of the university and supporting students in their academic and extra-curricular endeavors.

ASCSU functions much like the federal system of government. ASCSU is divided into three branches: Executive (consisting of cabinet), Legislative (Senate serves as the legislative body of ASCSU), and Judicial (the Supreme Court).

The executive cabinet includes the President Taylor Smoot, Vice-President Quinn Girrens and Chief of Staff Blake Gibson along with their assistants.

The cabinet operates within nine departments, presided over by directors. These departments work to create programs that are geared toward serving the diverse interests of the student population.

The Senate is composed of representatives from all eight colleges: College of Business, College of Applied Human Sciences, Warner Colleges of Natural Resources, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Science, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, College of Natural Sciences and College of Agriculture, as well as open option students and graduate students.

The Senate is presided over by the vice president, who serves as the speaker of the Senate. Senators are elected by their college councils and attempt to shape legislation that will embody the interests and concerns of students.

The Supreme Court implements the ASCSU Constitution; holds student organizations, sports clubs and Greek life accountable to the student conduct code; and acts as a consultant for students who are facing CSU Conflict Resolution processes. It is composed of six associate justices and is presided over by Chief Justice Cari Stepsay.

Serving students since 1907, ASCSU has had many hurdles and triumphs. Some of our triumphs include fighting for affordable textbooks, negotiating a clean-energy option in campus residence halls, lobbying to open the RamSkeller and creating the For-Ever-Green T-shirt program.

We serve students through many programs such as RamRide, Student Funding Board, Student Fee Review Board and the Collegiate Readership Program. You saw us on the plaza a few days ago for the Grill the Buffs Pep Rally, and we offered you the Ram Road-Trip to the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

In the next month, we will undertake the grand task of registering 10,000 CSU students to vote and becoming the most active student body in the state.

For the next semester, our students and lobbyists will voice our concerns about higher education in the state of Colorado at the capitol in Denver.

Since we are gearing up for great things, we would definitely appreciate a helping hand.

Please stop by our office in the Lory Student Center, room 109 and ask what you can do; join your college council and become a Senator; volunteer for RamRide; come up with a great program within your student organization to serve students and ask us for funding; change the way things go around and ask a senator to help you write a piece of legislation; and last but not least, register to vote!

ASCSU is here to widen your student experience and aid you in your academic, cultural and athletic pursuits.

Voice out your concerns and let us know what we can do so you can go out and be the best CSU Ram you can be!

Lucia Papureanu is a senior political science major and the executive assistant for the president of ASCSU. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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