Sep 112008
Authors: Alex Stephens

“The people I’ve been elected to represent are disgusted by your actions. Human rights abuses, unregulated destruction of the environment, harmful trade policies and so much more all go against what we stand for. America no longer wants anything to do with your government.”

These are words you will never hear our president use.

Why can’t Bush just grow a pair and tell China off? Ask anyone you know: why does America do business with China’s disgraceful government? In many ways, China is the anti-America. If you saw your neighbor regularly beat his wife and children, would you be best friends with him?

Ever really wonder why Chinese goods overwhelm our stores, yet we are hardly able to export anything to them? Why we attend the Olympics held in the capital of communism without a boycott — why our Olympians were forced to apologize for walking off the plane wearing breathing masks? Sorry! We didn’t mean to offend you!

Bill just lost his job. His wife is seven months pregnant with a third child and the family house was just foreclosed. They are drowning in debt and desperately need money. No banks will give him a loan, but Frank the mob boss will.

So Bill forfeits his family’s morals and decided to deal with the mob. Without any foresight, he accepts the offer. Regretfully though, every action he takes is dictated by paying Frank back what he owes, plus more.

Bill hides that from his family. They don’t need to know the boring stuff like where the debt went. All they care about is the problem being “fixed.”

Here are some unpleasant truths you need to swallow. In the 1990s President Clinton alleviated the national debt by allowing China to buy most of it up. China still controls a large portion of our debt, which means they have control over us. Being in debt weakens a country.

China has very unfair trade policies: they do not import from the U.S.; rather, we import heavily from them through businesses like Wal-Mart, which means the flow of our money leaves us and heads straight into their pockets.

China manipulates their economy and currency to appear more powerful, which allows them to have real growth.

Their government refuses to crack down on counterfeiting as well. China is heavily invested in Wall Street. In recent years, Chinese companies bought up a special kind of U.S. debt called “government sponsored enterprise” that’s issued by large banks.

Some of these banks are named Freddie Mac; some are named Fannie Mae.

Bill has passed away still indebted to Frank. His children have grown up, but some developed a nasty habit of gambling and law breaking, while one is working hard to help mom get by.

Frequently, the good kid has to bail his siblings out from jail. They take advantage of him all the time, but he puts up with it. How far can he be pushed?

America does business with China because they own us. Our leaders bail out the liars and cheaters at Freddie because our multitudes of foreign masters have vested interests in them.

We are forced to shoulder the weight of a $9 trillion (plus up to $5 trillion more from Freddie) debt while our detached, wealthy leadership continues to dig the hole deeper.

Will they have to fix it? No! In four to eight years they will be out of office, we will still be paying and the next guy has his chance to improve or worsen it.

It cannot be ignored any longer. The presidential mantra of passing the burden to future generations needs to stop. Money needs to be brought back into America, in part by solving the debt problem, even if it means having slightly higher taxes.

No more spending money on nation building, no more servitude to foreign interests; it is time to invest in our own country.

Alex Stephens is a junior political science major. His column appears Fridays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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