Ram Talk

Sep 102008
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

-To everyone that chooses to ignore the DISMOUNT ZONE signs on campus, please beware of Dismount Zone Girl – she yelled at me this morning and I promptly fell off my bike. Karma is a b.

-Why is Ramweb always having problems? You’d think with all the money we’re giving the university they’d be able to get their stuff together. Most likely they’re too top heavy to get anything done properly.

-College Dinner: Cheesburger, 4 shots of jager, 6 bong rips, 3 beers and a nice Adderall to do homework with.

-So I drive to school every day and every time I’m rollin’ around looking for a spot by the art building, I see two rows of empty spots dedicated to A. Here is a thought. How about we open that back up to Z, so people can use what we spent our money on.

-Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice daily, to the guy in my CHEM class, that means in the morning too.

-Even though I know hemp doesn’t contain THC, I was still saddened when I read the label on my hemp bread: “This product will not get you high.”

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