Sep 082008

Some say that U.S. military presence on foreign soil is a bad thing.

Well, those people just aren’t thinking very green.

Tanks, short-range missiles, ammunition rounds and debris from practice targets are just what the environment needs, according to studies recently conducted by Steve Warren, a CSU faculty member researching environmental management of military lands.

He has stated that “there are people in Germany who want the U.S. to pull out” its military presence to protect the environment. But his results show that certain endangered species thrive in these ravaged areas.

Wait until the naysayers get a load of these recent findings.

Countries around the world have been nagging the U.S. for decades to please get our tanks, helicopters, bombs and soldiers out of their sovereign states.

It could be interpreted that they think our war machines and combat maneuvers are a form of military oppression, constantly reminding them that we are at their doorstep if they make us angry.

Well, now maybe they’ll come to their senses and see that we can’t just leave — we would be further putting already endangered species at risk. Such an act would be utterly careless, irresponsible and not very environmentally conscious.

The U.S. is a world superpower and must lead by example. With all the green hype going around and everyone trying to save the globe from certain heat exhaustion, what kind of example would we be setting if we just up and left these poor masochistic species to die?

So, don’t mind our oil-guzzling tanks and fighter jets.

We’re saving the environment here people.

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