Sep 072008
Authors: kelly bleck, Kayla Huddleston

Ridiculous costumes, great bands and delicious beer kept attendees entertained at Saturday’s ninth annual Tour de Fat.

Couples with their children and animals dressed up joined college students and Fort Collins residents to enjoy the festivities.

The parade gallivanted through Old Town to the New Belgium Brewing Company with riders showing off their homemade costumes.

Costumes included the Knights of New Belgium, Superman, beer cups and all sorts of wigs, leggings, hats and glasses.

“The people make this,” said Roman Lechuga, senior business major. “The Tour de Fat brings out the best in everyone.”

Bands played while people danced, drank and visited local vendors.

Vendors included REI, Lee’s Cyclery and other outdoor-oriented businesses. Along with offering good times and promoting environmental sustainability, forms for voter registration were available outside the event.

Proceeds from beer and merchandise benefited the Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol, Bike Fort Collins and other sustainability efforts.

Representatives from Team Wonderbike were available to recruit new members. Their mission: to have people vow to ditch their cars and ride their bikes as often as possible.

New Belgium Brewery was closed for the event, but crowded tents were set up outside for merchandise and drinks.

Bikes such as unicycles, tandem bikes and other specialties were provided to promote alternative travel. These bikes were contained inside corrals where people could practice their riding skills.

“You’ve got to love a town that you can wake up at seven in the morning, get totally wasted, dress up like a freak, and everyone is totally accepting of it.” said Joel Gustafen, or “Gorilla Man,” owner of the business FMP. “Everyone is standing on the corners taking your picture.”

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