Sep 072008
Authors: Glen Pfeiffer

The TriMedia Film Festival wrapped up its 3rd year in Fort Collins yesterday with the announcement of the winning films, TV pilots and theater productions. The festival opened Friday night and continued through the weekend, showing a variety of independent productions from around the United States and the world.

The winner of the audience choice “Best of the Fest” award was “Coyote,” a dark comedy about two friends who start a business smuggling Mexicans across the border into the U.S. It was directed by Brian Peterson, who was an assistant director and actor in the film “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Following the audience choice, the jury prize for “Best of the Fest” went to the short film “Outsource,” a science fiction film with in-depth visual effects created by Daniel Trezise, who also did the visual effects for “The Golden Compass” and “X2.”

Two CSU students’ short films were shown in the student section of the festival yesterday, “Philosophy 478” by junior math major Brian Mueller and “Oh Snap!” by sophomore art major Brennan Gilbert.

The winning student film was “Damfino” by Connor Anderson, a senior from University High School in Greeley, CO. His film is a ’20s style silent comedy about two men trying to marry the same girl.

“I didn’t really know what to expect,” Mueller said, referring to showing his production at a professional film festival. “It was a really fun weekend.”

Mueller does not currently plan to have a career in film, but said that he will continue to make them for fun.

Other winners in the festival included “Adventures of Power,” which won best feature film and was about a miner who becomes part of an underground air-drumming community and “Hope Springs Eternal,” winner of the best short film award, a Tim Burton-esque animation about a man named Mort who tries to kill himself but accidentally kills others instead.

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