Our View: An ideal choice?

Sep 032008

The GOP spent the majority of Wednesday’s Republican National Convention telling us about how despite what we might have heard Gov. Sarah Palin is an ideal choice for Sen. John McCain’s running mate.

If the Republican party really felt that way, shouldn’t we be expected to trust Palin and rest assured that she’ll be up to par? When Sen. Barack Obama announced he’d be pairing with Sen. Joe Biden, the decision stood with no Democratic representatives feeling as though they should talk Biden up to ensure the American public would view Obama’s call as legit. In McCain’s camp, though, the resumé touting has been constant and creates a feeling of unease.

While “defensive” has been the adjective that most consistently marks McCain’s campaign strategy thus far, Palin’s remarks and those of her colleagues have only added to that sentiment. It’d be pretty cool to hear about the “actual responsibility” that Palin claims her stint as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska entailed. But once again, instead of being given actual information, we’re just reminded that regardless of whatever it was that that job required, it’s gotta be more than Obama’s start as Chicago community organizer.

If Palin is facing so much speculation and scrutiny now — to such an extent that her pregnant 17-year-old is suddenly and very conveniently sporting an engagement ring — what kind of backlash will actually electing her for the position create?

McCain perhaps should have chosen a running mate that his party wouldn’t feel it would constantly need to defend. But now that the Republican reps are stuck with her, they’d be best advised to keep their mouths shut and let Palin show that she’ll do something that merits the title she might next be adding to that resumé.

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