Sep 012008

Okay, Rammies. While you or your parents are shelling out the big bucks on a load of classes, the CSU athletic department and a tank of gas to get you to Invesco, you might as well get a decent college education.

The first rule of CSU sports etiquette is that you watch your Rams play. And that means — yes, you posers out there — watching all the way through the fourth quarter.

It doesn’t matter what the score is. If you’re going to show up 60 miles from Fort Collins in your chest-painted pride or your thigh-high, green-striped tube socks, let’s make one thing clear: you came to watch football. Not to keep up your social life with tailgate party appearances and a charming belch.

Your face paint and t-shirts mean nothing if you can’t hack it as a true Ram fan. With four minutes left to go in the Showdown, Rams left and right were evacuating Invesco as if fleeing from Hurricane Gustav. These people clearly don’t know what college football is all about. Pride for any team boils down to standing by, keeping thick skin and sticking it out. If the band will stand through Armageddon to play the final fight song, by all means, you need see that clock tick down.

Why? Because the crux of college football is found not only in ceremonies, but also in the miracles, insanity and unknowns that can happen in even the final four minutes.

This Saturday is the home opener against Sacramento State, and we’re going to win it. So don’t disappoint. If you show up decked out and supposedly support your fellow students with your morale and your big bucks, then listen to that final whistle.

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