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Authors: Kelli Pryor

This semester, CSU students will no longer have to seek counseling in the basement of the Clark Building. The University Counseling Center merged with Hartshorn Health Services July 1 to provide mental health care alongside medical care.

“We really wanted to get out of the basement of Clark,” said Michael Daine, a director with the newly formed conglomerate. “It was inappropriate.”

The merger makes health care a “one-stop shop” for students, Daine said. Students can now see a physician, nurse practitioner and a mental health professional in one building.

“It will make access a whole lot easier for students,” Daine said.

“I think it is good they moved, because there is better access now, and it is more visible,” said Ashley Saveland, a sophomore engineering science major.

Though Saveland never used the Counseling Center, she is glad it has moved to Hartshorn.

“The Counseling Center being in the basement kind of felt like they were shunning people who went there,” Saveland said.

To use the UCC, students meet privately with a triage counselor in Hartshorn for a preliminary appointment and then make a follow-up appointment with a counselor in Aylesworth Hall.

Currently, the Hartshorn building does not have the space to house all of the UCC staff, so counseling offices moved to Aylesworth Hall. Eventually there will be a wellness center on campus where all aspects of health care will be in the same building, but it will be a three- to five-year process, Daine said.

The preliminary move out of Clark allowed for an expanded stress management program. Students can now take advantage of resources to battle stress in both Hartshorn and Aylesworth Hall.

Daine said the move from the Clark building to Hartshorn and Aylesworth will not have a noticeable impact on student fees.

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