Aug 282008
Authors: Kelli Pryor

Not just Ram football players are going to have the chance to go head to head against CSU’s biggest rival.

Every CSU student who attends the Rocky Mountain Showdown on Sunday will be able to compete with CU students to see which university can register the most students to vote.

If you would like to register, remember to bring your driver’s license or another form of identification like a passport and know your social security number. Even if you are already registered in a different state, in order to vote in Colorado you must register to vote again.

Members of Associated Students of CSU and CU’s student government will be registering students from their respective schools to vote from 1:30 to 5 p.m. in the parking lot of Invesco Field. The winning university will be announced during the second quarter, said Taylor Smoot, CSU student body president.

ASCSU and CSU’s voter coalition — members from ASCSU, Greek Life and Black Student Services, among others — are organizing the event with CU’s student government to make sure as many students are registered to vote as possible.

“We’re hoping students will get more involved in politics,” said Amanda Varley, member of the Colorado Public Interest Group and the CSU voter coalition. “We want politicians to notice college students and pay attention to issues we care about.”

Varley mentioned textbook prices and increasing tuition as key issues presidential candidates should pay more attention to.

ASCSU is expecting a “boom or bust” situation with registering voters, Varley said. The organization has printed 500 registration forms, but is unsure how many students they will register.

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