Aug 262008
Authors: Makayla Braden

In today’s green-crazed society, many products have begun their debut with the green label. Being the latest trend, this label is an immediate draw for the public. Quick to jump on the bandwagon, many folks are forgetting to research the claims of these businesses. Is it that easy to sell a product or a university simply by labeling it green?

Colorado State University has begun toting the name “The Green University” since the spring of 2008. While we are proud to be named “The Green University,” the competitive statement is worth investigating. As members of the media, it is our job to give CSU students the full story.

Since the green campaign’s inception, we feel the university has not fully educated the students on all the different facets of the campaign. Simply slapping a tag line, such as “The Green University,” onto our school does not disclose what all the university is doing. We took it upon ourselves to show the students everything – good and bad – the university is doing to live up to being “The Green University.” With $194,984 being spent on this campaign, the students deserve the facts.

While the “Green Campaign” is the package story for our issue, it is not the only story that deserves your attention. Our new issue is focused on the new green movement.

However, we do not intend to beat the idea of being green over everyone’s heads; we simply feel it is important to highlight things that are being done in our own community.

CSU may not be the only green campus or the greenest campus in the country, but there is no harm in trying to be.

Being aware of your impact is one thing. Taking that extra step to change is what being green is all about.

Being green is not easy; there is always room for improvement at our university and in our own lives.

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