Aug 262008
Authors: Rachel Survil

Nine higher-level administrative positions in Student Affairs changed titles over the summer to, CSU officials said, more accurately reflect the duties of each position. There were no new hires in the department, and university officials say the change will not affect the university’s budget.

“We want to do what works administratively to move initiatives along and give titles that fit as we look to the future and our goals in the division,” said Anne Hudgens, the former executive director of Campus Life and new dean of students.

Along with overseeing the Campus Life Cluster, Hudgens will now run the Wellness Cluster, comprised of Campus Recreation and the newly merged Hartshorn Health Service and University Counseling Center.

Within the Wellness Cluster, Stephen Blom will now be the executive director and Michael Daine will be the associate executive director. Judy Muenchow, now the executive director of Campus Recreation, was formerly the executive director of the Wellness Programs.

Others with changing positions include new Associate Dean of Students and Executive Director of Parent and Family Programs Jody Donovan, new Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Linda Ahuna-Hamill, new Program Chair for the Student Affairs in Higher Education graduate program Dave McKelfresh, new Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Special Advisor to the Provost for Retention Paul Thayer and new Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Mike Elis.

“It’s more responsibility, but I’m doing things I’m interested in and passionate about,” Hudgens said. “I’m having a good time.”

The merger has resulted in a series of changes to make a variety of mental, physical and emotional health care options more available to students by fostering a closer relationship between the Counseling Center and Hartshorn.

Now, students will have access to both services from the Hartshorn front desk. Follow-up appointments with counselors will be located in Aylesworth Hall, across the street, instead of in the basement of the Clark building.

“It doesn’t make a difference if you have a cold or are not sleeping well or are having a family crisis; you just go to the front desk for help,” Hudgens said.

Hudgens emphasized students’ roles in maintaining their health through services offered at CSU.

“I want students to know that their student fees already pay for these services, all they have to do is walk in the door,” she said.

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