Aug 252008
Authors: Aaron Hedge

DENVER – Alex Jones, an organizer with a national conspiracy theory group, chased controversial Fox News reporter Michelle Malkin from a student-organized protest at the Denver Mint Monday, accusing her of advocating that U.S. citizens be detained at Guantanamo Bay.

The CU-Denver Student who organized the protest followed Jones and Malkin down the block with a bullhorn, yelling, “Peace, not war.”

The protest, called “Shake Your Money Maker,” was organized to levitate the mint building — lift it up and shake out its contents — and decry capitalism.

Jones’ presence at the protest disrupted the message and drew nearly all the media attention from the demonstration, as reporters followed Jones when he chased Malkin nearly two blocks down Colfax Avenue, calling her a “monster.” Spagnuolo said the intention of the protest was to stop the mint from printing money for a week.

“How often does the United States stop making money?” he said to the crowd of about 70 protesters.

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